Webtoon: Are Korean web comics going to be the next K-pop?

The industry's success is, in part, attributed to the government's drive for the culture industry since the 1990s. The webtoon artist Lee Ji-won is working on her debut webtoon at the webtoon co-working hub funded by the Seoul city government.

South Korea’s digital-friendly comics, namely ‘webtoon’, have inspired global hit series like All of Us Are Dead, Sweet Home and Hellbound but could they themselves be a cultural phenomenon following K-pop? The following is my original draft for After Squid Game and Kpop, Korean webtoons get moment in the sun which is published on Al……

My father’s bones in three suitcases: the children of Korean War prisoners who never came home

Even after the armistice was signed off 67 years ago today, North Korea has not returned many of its prisoners, the number of which is estimated to be over 50,000. Some of their children, who had to bear all the discrimination for being the offspring of the reactionaries, escaped to the South, in hopes of being recognized for what their fathers did for the country, only to be despaired by the indifference of the government and the society.

Samsung heir’s apology could be the first step of his get-out-of-jail-free card

One thing that Jay Y. Lee is better at doing than his father Lee Kun-hee is to apologize in public. The May 6th apology was the second time he appeared in front of cameras for the sake of apology only since the 2015 MERS outbreak. While the media was highlighting his promise not to hand……