The Great Crevasse that Cuts Through the Squares

Teddy Cross/Flickr
Teddy Cross/Flickr

Three hundred meters. From Seoul Square to Gwanghwamun Square. The psychological, if not cognitive, distance between the two, however, is far wider than the physical.

While those who gathered around Gwanghwamun, with trademark candles in their hands, call for the impeachment of President Park, those who gathered in front of City Hall vehemently counter what the candlelights demand.

The crevasse that cuts through the squares is so deep and wide that it will most likely remain a social issue for years.

Whether or not President Park manages to keep her throne in the upcoming decision of the constitutional court, her days as president won’t last even a year given that her official term ends next February. The crevasse, however, will remain unmoved. For more than a decade at least.

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featured image: Teddy Cross/Flickr

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