The Rebellion Plot


The latest scandal related to an accusation of rebellion plot, short of these days’, was that of Kim Dae-jung in 1980. It is hard to discuss even for lawyers whether it is relevant to accuse Lee Seok-ki, member of the National Assembly of rebellion since there are only a few cases in the history of the South Korean criminal justice system.

Today, Hankook Ilbo exclusively disclosed an alleged dialogue of the Lee’s Revolutionary Organization meeting, which is allegedly held on May 12. This is both sad and appalling: sad, because it shows how pathetic and fanatic these old remnants of radical student activists of the 80s and 90s are; appalling, because the head of these pathetic fanatics made his entrance to a parliament—without the public knowing what he actually thinks.

I’d like to introduce you some sadly hilarious moments of the alleged meeting:

Former chairperson of the Youth Committee (she is 38) at the UPP: We have six members in the committee.

Lee Sang-ho: Even in the days of technological underdevelopment, as it was in the rebellion against the Imperial Japan, people made them [weapons]. We discussed that with enough dexterity and resolution, producing weapons is not impossible. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone who majored in chemical engineering

(to be continued…)

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