ask for and give help


I had a number of uber-successful men in their fifties and sixties who helped me when I was coming of professional age in the nineties in San Francisco (Tully Friedman, Warren Hellman, Hamid Moghadan, Paul Stephens, Bob Swanson). They didn’t do it because they knew my parents or thought I was awesome, but because I asked. Most successful people have the time to reflect on important questions, including “Why am I here and what mark do I want to leave?” The answer usually involves helping others. You need to ask for help if you plan on being successful. You also should get in the habit of helping people junior to you. Helping people senior to you isn’t helping, but ass-kissing. Expect that a large portion of the people you help will not reciprocate, and you won’t be disappointed. However, plant enough seeds helping others, and a few will pay off hugely where you least expect it. It also just feels good.

Scott Galloway, The Four (2017)

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